Even the best planning may not fully prepare you and your business for the financial challenges that occur after a disaster strikes.  The disruption to regular business operations and the extra workload placed on business personnel can have a severe impact on your company.  Disaster Recovery Services, LLC can help.  Our senior leadership team averages over 25 years of experience in the financial recovery of claims in virtually all industry sectors.  We provide expert professional services for Claims Preparation as well as Claims Project Management & Claims Engineering to help maximize your recovery and return you to your regular business operations as expeditiously as possible.  Through our select industry respected partners, we also offer Claims Restoration and Construction Project Management services.

Claims Preparation Services

Disaster Recovery Services, LLC provides the claims preparation services you need to quantify and measure the financial impact on your operations resulting from business interruption, property damage, and extra expense in order to help you maximize your recovery and resume operations in a timely manner.  Our highly qualified professionals are experts in financial investigation and claims recovery, knowing the right questions to ask and data to collect in order to solidify your claim and ensure a seamless recovery process.

Claims Project Management & Claims Engineering Services

Large property and casualty losses can be daunting to manage and can put a strain on your current resources.  Disaster Recovery Services, LLC can provide you with the professional assistance you need to coordinate all parties involved from home office and local personnel, to repair contractors, and members of the adjustment team.  Our claims project managers and claims engineers travel to the loss site to be your eyes and ears on the ground, to identify and distinguish the scope of damages and the related timeline schedules, and to implement procedures and manage potential issues that could ultimately become claim coverage challenges.

Claims Restoration and Construction Project Management Services

Timely and efficient claims restoration is imperative after a disaster strikes and is a critical component of reducing business interruption and property damage claims.  From water damage restoration to content cleaning to data recovery, Disaster Recovery Services, LLC can help you through the claims restoration process.  We provide access to turnkey service capabilities and innovative solutions to help you through a successful claims restoration project.

With construction often necessary after a property damage loss, it is important to understand the costs involved in the repair as well as the expected time to recovery in order to have a clear picture of the full recovery process.  Disaster Recovery Services, LLC provides access to construction project management services to ensure that reconstruction efforts are completed at reasonable costs and move forward without delay.  Specializing in services related to the management of property losses, and through handling a wide range of repair and rebuild projects, Disaster Recovery Services, LLC has the partner resources to help you restore your business operations by providing access to the highest quality workmanship at fair, competitive prices.

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