Your Leadership Team

With Disaster Recovery Services’ team on your side, you have access to decades of experience in the pre-loss planning and post-loss recovery/claim preparation services field. We will put the expertise we have gained in assisting hundreds of private sector, public entity, and non-profit clients to work for you as we serve as your advocate and partner to optimize your recovery dollars.

If FEMA is part of the recovery effort, your strategy will be enhanced by the experience of our team that includes former FEMA insurance specialists, contractors, and Public Program Delivery Managers. These professionals know FEMA’s playbook and can help you expertly navigate through the insurance and FEMA processes.

Your Disaster Recovery Services Practice Leaders hold the Forensic Certified Professional Accountant (FCPA) certification, a certification held by only 500 professionals worldwide, with fewer than twenty professionals maintaining this important designation in the disaster recovery space in the United States.  In addition, our firm is proud to provide team leaders with vast experience in public procurement and HUD's CDBG program.

Your Leadership Team

The profile shot of John Albrecht

John Albrecht, CPA, CFF, FCPA

Chief Executive Officer


The profile shot of Dr. Kim Abrego

Dr. Kim Abrego, PT, DPT

Chief Operating Officer


The profile shot of Deb Gallagher

Deb Gallagher, CPA, CFF, FCPA

Public Entity Practice Leader


The profile shot of Jeb McPherson

Jeb McPherson, CPA, CFF, FCPA

Public Entity Practice Leader


The profile shot of Jason Trahan

Jason Trahan, CPA, CFF, FCPA

Commercial Insurance Claims Practice Leader