Procurement Partners

Following a disaster event, a large portion of your recovery dollars will be applied to goods and services that need to be procured. This fact becomes even more significant when FEMA is part of your recovery effort. Every year the OIG recommends taking back millions of recovery dollars that have already been spent due to federal procurement and contracting rules that are not followed.

Are you confident that your existing contracting processes and procedures will hold up to FEMA’s procurement standards? At DRS we have devoted an entire segment of our practice to public entity procurement so that we can help you optimize FEMA-compatibility with your disaster-related recovery purchases.


Managed Vendor Partners

Accessing and coordinating services following an adverse event can be challenging. Through a single point of contact, DRS matches the right experts to your unique loss recovery needs, and provides the on-the-ground support, oversight, and project management services to streamline your recovery process.



DRS takes great care in forging alliances that provide our clients with unprecedented access to cutting edge strategies.  We work with the most trusted and proven leaders in forensic accounting, insurance, and procurement to help you solve the most complex recovery challenges.