Project Management

Defined as the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing out the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet key success criteria both on time and within budget, DRS has the ability and the experience to meet your project management needs. Our Project Management services start at project conception through design, construction,  FF&E, and closeout.  We have managed multi-million dollar new construction builds that included extensive planning and multi-million dollar rebuilds following disaster events that happened with little to no notice.  This unique experience prepares us to make quick decisions and pivot effortlessly while staying focused on project objectives.

Project Management for Disaster Recovery

DRS provides project management that helps eliminate the worry of what to do, who to call, or how to overcome the perils of a disaster.  We help position your organization to recover faster while helping secure access to insurance and FEMA dollars.  We manage the disaster so you can manage your business.

DRS professionals have over 25 years of experience coordinating and managing complex property damage losses, particularly where insurance and federal funding are involved.  In addition to defining scope of damages and repair work through detailed cost estimating, DRS prepares cost schedules for completed work and cost estimates for work to be completed, determines wind and flood damages and special flood hazard zones, identifies hazard mitigation proposals, offers risk analyses of environmental and historic preservation considerations, identifies code and standard upgrades, and assesses industry best practices in conjunction with policy and regulatory implications.

Many of our professionals have worked as "Public Assistance Technical Assistance Contract (PA TAC)", providing technical assistance support for FEMA disaster-related operations throughout the U.S. During these experiences, their responsibilities included conducting site assessments, writing damage descriptions and dimensions (DDD) and scopes of work (SOW) to repair/replace damaged public infrastructure, and developing cost estimates for the federal funding of those projects.  In addition, our team has monitored construction work to ensure compliance with approved SOWs and FEMA Public Assistance policies and procedures.  DRS personnel have expert experience in FEMA's Cost Estimating Format (CEF) and in the use of the RS Means estimating tool.


Program Management for Public Entities

At DRS, the foundation for our success lies in effectively managing complex projects and providing innovative solutions.  We have a proven track record of seamlessly coordinating multiple construction sites while considering the ongoing operations of our clients. This requires meticulous planning and logistics to ensure uninterrupted access, utilities, and deliveries for both the entity and construction activities.  By integrating new building design and color schemes with existing properties, we create cohesive and visually appealing master-planned solutions for our client and their constituents.

Having managed millions of dollars of public entity and commercial construction projects over the years, we have gained valuable experience in executing projects of varying scales and complexities.  Our ability to provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client is the key to our success.  From initial planning and design to construction and project management, we offer a wide range of services to ensure the seamless execution of projects.

Our commitment to our clients is to deliver projects on time and within budget while adhering to the highest quality standards.  Clients appreciate our attention to detail, innovative approach, and strong client relationships.  Through our deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in public entity planning and construction, we have consistently exceeded expectations and achieved successful outcomes for our clients.



Brad Boullion

Project Management Practice Lead

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